Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom
Club History

Even though the Canaan Dog became a recognised breed in England in 1970 it was quite some time before a breed club was organised. The "Aims and Objectives" of the new club were "To promote the interests of the Canaan Dog in Great Britain and safeguard the characteristics of this unique breed." It was agreed that a steering committee of seven should be chosen to formulate a constitution, code of ethics, a pamphlet on the breed, etc. The people chosen to be on this steering committee were Mary MacPhail, Ron Graham, Steve Payne, Jan Smith, Helen Lightfoot, Gina Pointing (to act as Secretary) and Phil Smith (to act as Treasurer).The first meeting of the Steering Committee, which formed The Canaan Dog Club, took place on the 21st April 1991 at the Pine Lodge Hotel near Bromsgrove. Mary MacPhail chaired the meeting. At this meeting it was agreed that members would be required to sign and abide by a code of ethics. It was suggested at the time that all puppy pedigrees carry an endorsement, which would be lifted by the breeder if the puppy came up to standard. The buyer would sign to say they understood and agreed to this endorsement.

The actual Inaugural meeting of The Canaan Dog Club (as it was originally called) was held on the 16th May 1992 at the Pine Lodge Hotel. The meeting agreed that David Cavill should take the Chair. This was formally proposed by Mary MacPhail and seconded by Jenny Jackson. Acting Secretary, Gina Pointing, gave a report of the work of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee proposed that Lez Mozley should be asked to accept position of Hon. Patron and that Connie Higgins be asked to be Hon. Vice-President. Both accepted these positions. The first election of officers and committee members ensued resulting in Gina Pointing being elected as Hon. Secretary, Phil Smith as Hon. Treasurer. Elected committee members were: Jan Smith, Mary MacPhail, Steve Payne, Helen Lightfoot, Jenny Jackson, Janet Singleton, Jo Hemstock, Richard Minto, Zena Wallace.

It has been an uphill battle for the CDC with much credit going to Gina Pointing for keeping it all together for much of the early years. The Club has grown quite a bit since those early days and the breed has gone from being called "those mongrels" to having gained credibility. The Club has strived to develop new avenues to increase awareness of the breed and to work with other countries for its welfare. Towards that end the CDC hosted the first International Canaan Dog Working Party the 27th May 2000 to help further that communication. Unfortunately, it went no further though, happily, others have taken some of the ideas put forward there and run with them.

The CDC has manned a breed booth at DISCOVER DOGS (The Kennel Club's effort for disseminating breed information to the public) twice yearly (in March at Crufts and at a stand-alone event at Earl's Court in London each November), and at the London Pet Show and the National Pet Show for a number of years resulting in a higher profile for the breed with the public and with The Kennel Club.

January 1998 saw the premiere of this Club website which was created, not as a means of entertainment, but to give those who wish to learn about our wonderful breed another means of accessing information on it.

In 1998 we also held our first, very well-received breed seminar in conjunction with the Dalmatian Club under the auspices of the Utility Breeds of Wales Association. Then in November 1999 we held our first all-day, stand-alone breed seminar for which we received kudos. The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom now holds its breed seminars on an annual basis and has received letters of congratulations from attendees after each one.

11th November 2001 was another club milestone as we held our first single-breed Club Open Show with an entry of 26 Canaan Dogs. Our judge was the well-known Mr Martin Freeman. His choice for Best Dog and Best in Show was Richard & Ellen Minto's Anacan Ziggy, and for Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show, the Minto's Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn. Best Puppy was awarded to David & Hazel Braddock's Babrees The Milky Way. (Results of all the following club shows can be found on this website.)

As of the 2002 AGM, followed by approval of The Kennel Club, the club's name was changed to The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom.

The following Officers and Committee members have been elected to guide The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom for the year 2021:

  • Club Chairman: Mr Richard Minto
  • Vice-Chairman: Mr Dave Close
  • Corresponding Secretary: Mrs Ellen Minto
  • Hon. Treasurer: Mrs Rachel Gray
  • Recording Secretary: Mrs Barbara Gold
  • President: Mr Terry Medlow
  • Hon. Patron: Mrs Jane Lilley
  • Committee members:Mrs Julia Close, Mr Edward Gray, Miss Victoria Wise.

You do not have to own a Canaan Dog to join The Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom. Our Code of Ethics and a membership application can be found and printed off this site. Look under Table of Contents.

Table of Contents

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